At Business Travel Purchase we partner with companies that are willing to optimise their travel budget. We provide strategic consulting and lead operational implementation.

We deliver creative sustainable and innovative solutions. Our solutions are traveler centric and allow savings for your company and comfort for your travelers.


Procurement Consulting

We provide independent customer centric procurement advice and support you in building your tailor made business travel strategy that supports your company's values and considers its current context.

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Operational Support

Decades of operational excellence built up in previous roles are at your disposal. We create process driven technology enabled user centric ecosystems.

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Traveller Assistance, Financial Reporting and Tracking

Using robotics and AI we ensure that your travellers are always up to date and must not deal with time consuming details. At the same time we consolidate data and make it available to key stakeholders.

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  Train the Trainer

We understand that efficiency comes from know-how. We are willing to share ours for the benefit and independence of your employees.

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